Flash Install

To install Flash

go to  https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ which is a legitimate site.

·  Click on Download Now. The download is ~20 MB.

·  Wait while the download is initializing.

·  You will then see the installer appear in your Downloads folder.

·  Double click on the installer.

·  Click on Install Adobe Flash Player.

·  A window will appear warning you that the app has been downloaded from the internet - this warning appears whenever you download an app from the internet and is designed to protect you from app that might not be legitimate. Since you know that this is a legitimate download from Adobe. Click Open.

·  Enter your Mac password.

·  Wait for the program to install.

How to enable Adobe Flash Player on Chrome

If you need to use Flash Player today, your best bet is to go with Google Chrome. You might be surprised to hear that the Flash plugin is already installed in Chrome, however, it’s turned off by default — you need to turn on Flash in Chrome Flash settings yourself.

Watch the screencast of how to enable Flash in Crome here