Academic Support and Test Prep Resources

Teacher and Staff Assistance

Teachers should be a student’s first contact when they need help in a class. Clark Teachers want to help students succeed, so let them know when you have questions!
Ms. Voisin, our Student Support Specialist, is available for individual work catch-up and additional time, as well as check-in/check-out strategies such as organization and time management. 

Peer Tutoring

National Honor Society Tutors: See Mr. Judd to schedule time with a Peer Tutor in any subject.
Mu Alpha Theta/Math Club Tutors: See Ms. Ballard to schedule time with a Peer Tutor in math subjects

Paper (Online Tutoring)

Clark students have access to Paper, a 24/7 online tutoring platform. Paper Tutors are available for help with assignments in various topics remotely on any device and without limit. Students can have essays for assignments and for college/scholarship applications reviewed with feedback provided within 24 hours. Student login:
  • Visit
  • Select “ Log in with email or SSO instead”
  • Select “Continue with Google”
  • Username is the student’s email address
  • Password is the student’s 4300 numbe

Brainfuse (Online Tutoring)

Brainfuse is the official online tutoring platform of IRSC and is available to Clark students. Students have immediate access to 10 hours of Brainfuse tutoring each semester, with additional hours available upon review.
Through Brainfuse students have access to:
  • Live Tutoring 24/7 for help with a wide range of academic subjects, including English, Spanish, science, math, and business courses, among others.
  • Tutor Office Hours and Tutor Match, which connect IRSC tutors to students to assist with mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, English, and other fundamentals.
  • The Writing Lab, which allows students to submit their writing assignments and receive meaningful feedback within 24 hours.
Access Brainfuse through Blackboard by logging in and then clicking on “Online Tutoring” in the banner at the top of any page.

IRSC Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center at the Chastain Campus offers free one-to-one tutorial services in any high school or college subject. For more information follow the link below:

Geometry: Big Ideas Math (Online Tutoring)

A live tutor is available within the BIM software Sunday-Thursday, 4:00 pm- Midnight EST. The help/tutor option is activated after a student incorrectly answers a question. Note: Not available for all problems. Visit to register and access the book and tutoring.

March 2 Success

Create a free account at and you will have access to the following:

  • 7 full-length SAT practice tests (with scoring)
  • 7 full-length ACT practice tests (with scoring)
  • SAT/ACT flashcards
  • Online academic skills course which provides a set of lessons for reading and math and is personalized to your strengths and weaknesses
  • College Placement Skills Training course
  • High School science hub with lessons and questions pertaining to Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science
  • Zero Hour Threat, a college entrance exam preparation game - Zero Hour Threat is a game designed to raise SAT and ACT scores while having fun playing a state-of-the-art video game. Zero Hour Threat, is an interactive action game designed to increase standardized test scores, as well as enhance general mathematics and vocabulary skills. With each correct answer, students move one step closer to decoding a virus that international criminals have set in place to infect the United States’ banking systems. Raise your SAT and ACT scores while having fun playing a state-of-the-art video Game
  • Guide to College Financing and Admissions

ASC and MC Library Academic Resources