Career Connections

Shape your career and build your college transcript through IRSC dual enrollment courses while attending Clark. Clark guides and supports students in making informed career choices, exploring educational options, and developing the necessary skills to successfully plan and apply for college and careers.

Clark sophomores and juniors enroll in Student Success and Information Technology courses, learning workplace expectations, building connections to career goals, participating in career shadowing, and researching related education options.

Clark's full-time Career Coordinator, Dr. Denisha Bonds, coordinates individualized career programs for students. As a graduation requirement, Clark seniors participate in a dual enrollment semester-long student Internship course consisting of classroom meetings and a 60-hour work experience. Students develop workplace skills and embark on in-depth career exploration through these experiences.

Local business partners provide students with career-related experiences, professional contacts, and networking skills by serving as Internship sponsors. As a result of our outreach efforts, nearly 200 business and industry partners participate in our successful career programs.

Class of 2023 Internship Information

Rianna Lepak, 2020 - 2021 Intern of the Year
United Way of Martin County, Marketing Department