Internship Program

During the Internship experience, business partners assist students in developing products to ultimately benefit their organization or other related businesses. Throughout the Internship, partners provide students with mentoring and feedback on career and workplace skills and help fine-tune career interests. As seniors complete their Internships, business and community members assess each student's culminating Capstone Project Presentation on the basis of content, presentation, and use of technology.

Comprehensive career manuals facilitate instruction and provide business partners, Instructors, and students with guidelines to achieve career competencies. The Student Intern Manual serves as a guide for classroom meetings, course content, forms, and assessment guidelines for students and Instructors. The Business Partner Manual assists Internship sponsors with providing successful work experiences and guidelines for both the Internship and the Capstone Project.


As a result of the Internship experience students will:

  • gain hands-on career experience.
  • develop workplace skills.
  • experience a real-world work environment.
  • develop an understanding of ethics in the workplace.
  • cultivate a professional image for career success.
  • develop problem-solving skills for the work environment.
  • develop effective time management skills.
  • build teamwork techniques.
  • demonstrate an understanding of careers and education requirements.
  • apply technology skills in a career setting.
  • present a culminating senior Capstone Project.

Maggie Wright: Assisted with the management of Precision Jets                            

If you are interested in becoming a business partner for our Internship program, please contact Dr. Denisha Bonds at  772-419-5768 or via email at