Laptop Insurance & Repair Cost

1.The Clark Advanced Learning Center will provide for computer repairs resulting from a software or hardware malfunction.
2.Students and parents/guardians will be liable for replacement cost of lost or stolen equipment. Replacement cost of a laptop is $ 1,269.
3.Students will be liable for physical damage to the laptop and peripheral equipment, up to $ 1,269.
Should your school issued device incur physical damage the repair costs are as follows:
Each incident is subject to a service fee of:
a. $99 for screen damage or top cover enclosure damage. Including dents, dings, and gouging referred to as “cosmetic damage”
b. $299 for other damage
4.Catastrophic damage from an accident or inoperability after unauthorized modifications require parents / students to make financial restitution to the Clark Advanced Learning Center in the amount of $1269.

The following are examples of cosmetic damage, which is not covered by insurance. The cost of cosmetic repairs ranges from $99 - $299 (subject to change)

This is considered cosmetic damage and not covered under insurance.The repair cost for top cover replacement is $99 (subject to change)  




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