Vision and Mission

Students attend both high-school and college dual-enrollment classes.
In 2004, Clark Advanced Learning Center (Clark) was established as a charter high school in partnership with Martin County School District and Indian River State College to provide "middle majority” 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students with enhanced education and career training opportunities through access to a rigorous technology-enriched curriculum in a "small school” environment. Employing proven "best practices” in education, Clark leads students to high school graduation and preparation for college and/or high-tech career opportunities. Technology–related "majors” combined with an interdisciplinary project-based curriculum, extensive exposure to career–based and contextual learning opportunities, job shadowing, internships, dual enrollment, and articulated credit engages students in academically challenging courses in preparation for lifelong learning and career success.
The vision of Clark involves the creation and implementation of a supportive enriched learning environment that produces students who are academically and technologically prepared to continue their education at the college-level and enter the competitive workplace. This vision is achieved through the following objectives:
  • Provide academically challenging, seamless 2+2+2 articulated programs that include an integrated curriculum, sequenced work-based learning, and dual enrollment opportunities for high school students.
  • Provide a rigorous academic environment that meets the needs of students and the expectations of parents, business partners, and employers.
  • Increase student achievement through the implementation of innovative teaching strategies.
  • Ensure all populations have equal access and support to participate as fully as possible in Clark programs.
  • Enhance the abilities of teachers, counselors, mentors, business partners, and parents to implement quality contextual programs that add relevance to academic learning.
  • Develop a systematic assessment and evaluation system to measure and track accomplishments of identified outcomes.
  • Disseminate project results and lessons learned through regional, state, and national conferences and workshops.
The mission of Clark Advanced Learning Center is to prepare students to learn, live, and work in an information-rich, technologically-advanced society. Clark helps students prepare for the challenges of the future in a small-school environment with access to all of the advantages and resources of a college campus. Clark maximizes dual enrollment opportunities, enabling students to earn a minimum of 24 college credits, at no charge, with the possibility of earning a full associate degree while still in high school. Clark graduates will be well prepared to advance to Indian River State College, pursue two and four-year degree programs and/or move directly into the workforce with high-tech skills.  Clark engages high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors in highly personalized activities using cutting-edge technology to gain important skills for the future.




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