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The Academic Support Centers (ASC) at the Chastain Campus and Indiantown Education Center offer free one-to-one tutorial services in any high school or college subject. For more information follow the link below:

IRSC Testing Center Procedures

IRSC Assessment Services Center (Testing)

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PERT Frequently Asked Questions

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FCAT 2.0 Transition

Clark wants to insure that you have adequate information as it relates to FCAT 2.0, which measures the student achievement of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. This is the transition from FCAT to FCAT 2.0. This information should be shared with your teachers, staff, and parents. Click here to access the link which details the information shown below.
Critical Information Included
  1. Computer Based Testing
  2. Proposed Transition Schedule
  3. Test Design Summary
  4. The actual Next Generation Sunshine State Standards
  5. Test Specifications
More Importantly:
  1. Sample Questions and Answer Key Books
  2. Schedules for Testing
  3. FAQ's on FCAT 2.0 for your staff

To assist with your FCAT 2.0 communication with parents and education stakeholders, we would like to provide a valuable resource called the Florida Path to Success.  This site was developed as a tool to provide easy access to frequently asked FCAT 2.0 questions and provides a feature for visitors to ask questions directly to the Florida Department of Education.


March 2 Success

Create a free account at https://www.march2success.com and you will have access to the following:

  • 7 full-length SAT practice tests (with scoring)
  • 7 full-length ACT practice tests (with scoring)
  • SAT/ACT flashcards
  • Online academic skills course which provides a set of lessons for reading and math and is personalized to your strengths and weaknesses
  • College Placement Skills Training course
  • High School science hub with lessons and questions pertaining to Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science
  • Zero Hour Threat, a college entrance exam preparation game - Zero Hour Threat is a game designed to raise SAT and ACT scores while having fun playing a state-of-the-art video game. Zero Hour Threat, is an interactive action game designed to increase standardized test scores, as well as enhance general mathematics and vocabulary skills. With each correct answer, students move one step closer to decoding a virus that international criminals have set in place to infect the United States’ banking systems. Raise your SAT and ACT scores while having fun playing a state-of-the-art video Game
  • Guide to College Financing and Admissions

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ACT Parent

EOC Grade Calculation Information